Blind Landing


Blind Landing is the untold story of one of the biggest mistakes in Olympic history.

At the 2000 Summer Olympics, the greatest gymnasts in the world gathered in Sydney, Australia in pursuit of the ultimate prize: gold in the all-around final. But in the midst of the competition, something inexplicable and unprecedented happened that derailed the event — a mistake that changed the gymnasts’ lives forever. Through original interviews with Olympic gymnasts, coaches and officials, Blind Landing tells the untold true story of one of the biggest mistakes in Olympic history.


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    Elise Ray, America’s top gymnast, qualified for the 2000 Olympics with big dreams — but during the all-around final, high expectations clashed with reality and came crashing down. Literally.…More
    The story of the 2000 women’s gymnastics all-around final picks up with Australian gymnast Allana Slater. In the midst of the competition, Allana realized that it was no coincidence…More
    The officials tried to solve the vault problem. Their decision had major consequences for everyone in the arena — but no one more so than the frontrunner, Russia’s Svetlana…More
    Romanian gymnast Maria Olaru discusses how the vault problem might have been stopped before it even started. Olympic officials explain what was happening behind the scenes. Episode transcript ARI…More
    On the final episode of Blind Landing, British gymnast Lisa Mason reflects on the culture she trained in. Elise and Allana discuss the impact that the Sydney Olympics had…More

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