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ARI SAPERSTEIN | Creator, Host & Editor

Ari has worked for a number of public radio and podcast outlets including KPCC, This American Life and Serial and contributed to The New Yorker and The Wall Street Journal. He is currently a producer at Pineapple Street Studios.


Myka is the lead producer for the APM podcast The Slowdown. Her stories have appeared on KPCC and KCRW, the Los Angeles NPR affiliate stations.


Christian is a health reporter Carolina Public Press and freelance audio producer based in Denmark.

STEFANIE RITOPER | Contributing Reporter

Stefanie is a multimedia journalist and audio producer. She currently works as the engagement producer for KPCC and LAist’s early childhood coverage.

JENNA LEVIN | Assistant Producer (Season Two)

Jenna is an editorial assistant at Higher Ground. Jenna’s background is in TV, having worked in writing and production for Apple TV+ and Netflix.

CHRIS SCHLEICHER | Co-Reporter, “Out On The Ice” (Season Two)

Chris is a TV Writer. His credits include The Mindy Project, Saved By The Bell, and Never Have I Ever. Chris is a former pairs figure skater and his writing on the sport has appeared in Slate.

DONELLE WEDDERBURN | Contributing Reporter (Season Two)

Donelle is a freelance audio producer. She’s contributed to producing and developing broadcasts and podcasts for ABC News and Ten Percent Happier.

MADDIE BENDER | Contributing Reporter (Season Two)

Maddie is a freelance science writer for VICE, and former AAAS Mass Media Fellow for Scientific American.  Her work has been published by CNN, Inverse, and Popular Science.

ZACH MOLINO  | Production Assistant (Season Two)

Zach is a recent graduate of Princeton University and formerly an editor of the student newspaper.

JESSICA TAYLOR PRICE | Producer (Season One)

Jessica is a freelance sports writer. Her work has appeared in a number of outlets, including Teen Vogue, ESPNW, and Bleacher Report.

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